Welcome to SPS 2018, 20 - 22 August 2018 - Embrapa, Brasília/DF – Brazil


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9:00 Open Ceremony
Keynote Speaker:
Phosphorus Recovery Technologies: a comparison

Dr. Willem Schipper - Willem Schipper Consultancy

Keynote Speaker:
Multi-level governance: from phosphorus geopolitics to regional adaptation strategies

Dana Cordell - Institute for Sustainable Futures

Keynote Speaker:
Comparing phosphorus legacies in temperate and tropical soils

Tom Bruulsema - International Plant Nutrition Institute, Canada

9:40 Coffee break Coffee break
10:10 Coffee break
Phosphorus reuse: technology, innovation, markets and demand

Chair: Dr. Vinicius Benites - Embrapa

1 - Evaluation of the kinetics of phosphorus and zinc release in fertilizers coated with materials obtained from renewable sources
Fábio Plotegher, Ricardo Bortolleto-Santos, Vanderlei Roncato Júnior, Rafaela Ferraz Majaron, Vinícius Ferraz Majaron, Wagner Luiz Polito, Caue Ribeiro de Oliveira
2 - The importance of spatially explicit data to inform phosphorus recycling between urban-rural and rural-rural divides
Geneviève S. Metson
3 - Overcoming barriers - framework, trends and perspectives for P recycling
Ludwig Hermann
Geopolitics of Phosphorus – the importance of trade, teleconnections and governance for phosphorus sustainability

Chair: Dr. Gene Metson and Dr. Tina-Simone Neset

1- Cycle chains: Mapping phosphorus stakeholders by economy and ecology
Christopher Lyon, Julia Martin-Ortega, Miller Alonso Camargo-Valero, Dana Cordell, Brent Jacobs, Shane Rothwell, Paul Withers
2 - Exploring the importance of teleconnections for phosphorus sustainability in Sweden’s food system strategy
Geneviève S. Metson, Tina-Simone Neset, Karin Eliasson, Michelle McCrackin
3 - Industrial use of Phosphorus and its international trade dependency
Kazuyo Matsubae, Elizabeth Webeck, Tetsuya Nagasaka, Hisao Ohtake
4 - Institutional frameworks and their role in sustainable management of phosphorus resources: a comparative assessment of EU and India
Madhuri Nanda, Arun Kansal
5 - Spatially explicit use of phosphorus and related environmental impacts in Brazilian soybean production for European consumption
Karin Eliasson, Tina-Simone Neset, Geneviève S. Metson, Chris West, Simon Croft, Jonathan Green
Sustainable phosphorus use in tropical agrosystems

Chair: Dr. Luis Inácio Prochnow - IPNI

1- Mapping the legacy P in Brazilian croplands under fertilizer usage for long time
Paulo S. Pavinato, Paul J. A. , Davey Jones
2- Some Myths and Facts about the Use of Phosphorus in Agriculture
Luis Prochnow; Norman Chien
3- Legacy soil P availability as affected by fertilizer and tillage management practices
Luiz Eduardo Zancanaro de Oliveira,,Rafael de Souza Nunes,,Djalma Martinhão Gomes de Sousa
Technical Meeting: Phosphorus and global environmental governance

Chair: Christopher Cox

12:00 Lunch Lunch Lunch
Keynote Speaker:
Prospects for Regional Gains in Phosphorus Efficiency for Future Global Food Security

Paul Withers

Keynote Speaker:
Integrating climate drivers to the phosphorus transfer continuum and impacts

Per-Erik Mellander - Johnstown Castle Environmental Research Centre, Ireland

Special Panel:
Regional opportunities and vulnerabilities

Chair: Dr. Willian Brownlie

1 - Fassil Kebede, Ethiopian Soil Research Institute
2 - Madhuri Nanda, TERI University, India
3 - Vinicius de Melo Benites, Embrapa
4 - Kazuyo Matsubae, Tohoku University, Japan
5 - Ludwig Hermann, European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform
14:40 Coffee break Coffee break
Doing more with less: agriculture and food system efficiency

Chair: Elke Noellemeyer – UNLPAM

1 - Phosphorus use efficiency in soil management systems and phosphate fertilizer for a long period
Rafael de Souza Nunes, Djalma Martinhão Gomes de Sousa, Wenceslau J. Goedert, Thomaz Adolpho Rein
2 - Landscape features affect phosphorus fixation and availability in soils of the semiarid Pampa, Argentina
Lucila Álvarez, Magdalena Torroba, Germán Morazzo, Elke Noellemeyer
3 - Pasture management affects the phosphorus management strategies of sugarcane established following pasture
Amin Soltangheisi; Luiz Antonio Martinelli
4 -Phosphorus fractions and acid phosphatase activity in sugarcane fields after application of compost and inoculation of phosphate solubilizing bacteria
Antonio Marcos Miranda Silva
Phosphorus impacts in the earth system and considerations for the climate change future

Chair: Dr. Luciano Gatiboni – UDESC

1 - Effects of climate change on phosphorus transfer and eutrophication risk: a UK perspective
Paul Withers
2 - Adapting Sustainable Phosphorus Management to our Changing Climate
Heidi Peterson
3 - Reuse of soil legacy and manure phosphorus can be fundamental to reduce non-point source phosphorus loading to Lake Eire
Tiequan Zhang
Closing session
Poster presentation and Networking
Poster presentation and Networking