Welcome to SPS 2018, 20 - 22 August 2018 - Embrapa, Brasília/DF – Brazil


Aug 20th Aug 21th Aug 22th
Keynote Speaker:
Comparing phosphorus legacies in temperate and tropical soils

Tom Bruulsema - International Plant Nutrition Institute, Canada

Keynote Speaker:
Phosphorus Recovery Technologies: a comparison

Willem Schipper

Keynote Speaker:
Multi-level governance: from phosphorus geopolitics to regional adaptation strategies

Dana Cordell - Institute for Sustainable Futures

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Sustainable phosphorus use in tropical agrosystems

Chair: Dr. Luis Inácio Prochnow - IPNI

1- Mapping the legacy P in Brazilian croplands under fertilizer usage for long time
Paulo S. Pavinato, Paul J. A. , Davey Jones
2- Some Myths and Facts about the Use of Phosphorus in Agriculture
Luis Prochnow; Norman Chien
3- Legacy soil P availability as affected by fertilizer and tillage management practices
Luiz Eduardo Zancanaro de Oliveira,,Rafael de Souza Nunes,,Djalma Martinhão Gomes de Sousa
Phosphorus reuse: technology, innovation, markets and demand

Chair: Dr. Vinicius Benites - Embrapa

1 - Evaluation of the kinetics of phosphorus and zinc release in fertilizers coated with materials obtained from renewable sources
Fábio Plotegher, Ricardo Bortolleto-Santos, Vanderlei Roncato Júnior, Rafaela Ferraz Majaron, Vinícius Ferraz Majaron, Wagner Luiz Polito, Caue Ribeiro de Oliveira
2 - The importance of spatially explicit data to inform phosphorus recycling between urban-rural and rural-rural divides
Geneviève S. Metson
3 - The Brazilian experience with organomineral fertilizer industries as an alternative for organic residues recycling
Dr Vinicius Benites, Embrapa Solos
Geopolitics of Phosphorus – the importance of trade, teleconnections and governance for phosphorus sustainability

Chair: Dr. Gene Metson and Dr. Tina-Simone Neset

1- Cycle chains: Mapping phosphorus stakeholders by economy and ecology
Christopher Lyon, Julia Martin-Ortega, Miller Alonso Camargo-Valero, Dana Cordell, Brent Jacobs, Shane Rothwell, Paul Withers
2 - Exploring the importance of teleconnections for phosphorus sustainability in Sweden’s food system strategy
Geneviève S. Metson, Tina-Simone Neset, Karin Eliasson, Michelle McCrackin
3 - Industrial use of Phosphorus and its international trade dependency
Kazuyo Matsubae, Elizabeth Webeck, Tetsuya Nagasaka, Hisao Ohtake
4 - Institutional frameworks and their role in sustainable management of phosphorus resources: a comparative assessment of EU and India
Madhuri Nanda, Arun Kansal
5 - Spatially explicit use of phosphorus and related environmental impacts in Brazilian soybean production for European consumption
Karin Eliasson, Tina-Simone Neset, Geneviève S. Metson, Chris West, Simon Croft, Jonathan Green
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Keynote Speaker:
Doing more with less: agriculture and food system efficiency
Keynote Speaker:
Integrating climate drivers to the phosphorus transfer continuum and impacts

Per-Erik Mellander - Johnstown Castle Environmental Research Centre, Ireland

Special Panel:
Regional opportunities and vulnerabilities

Chair: Dr. Willian Brownie

1 - Madhuri Nanda, TERI University, India
2 - Vinicius de Melo Benites, Embrapa
3 - Kazuyo Matsubae, Tohoku University, Japan
4 - Ludwig Hermann, European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform
14:40 Coffee break Coffee break
Doing more with less: agriculture and food system efficiency

Chair: Elke Noellemeyer – UNLPAM

1 - Phosphorus use efficiency in soil management systems and phosphate fertilizer for a long period
Rafael de Souza Nunes, Djalma Martinhão Gomes de Sousa, Wenceslau J. Goedert, Thomaz Adolpho Rein
Phosphorus pollution and environmental

Chair: Dr. Luciano Gatiboni – UDESC

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Closing session